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Your service is monitored by three remote monitoring servers. Each monitoring server visits each monitoring interval 24×7 at the same time as the other monitoring servers. From the results obtained ipPatrol determines whether your service is working and alerts you as required.

Uptime Monitoring

Test your internet services as often as you need automatically from three independent locations using HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, SIP, and Ping. Monitor MySQL, SqlServer, TCP ports, DNS, Email round trip, temperature and humidity.

Instant Alerts

Receive as many alerts as you need via email, sms and/or instant messenger. Esculate alerts and cater for planned maintenance. Integrate with ©PagerDuty for centralised alerting and problem management.

SSL Monitoring

SSL Certificates are now the norm and its easy to forget to renew them. ipPatrol checks your SSL certificates are installed correctly and informs you when they will expire.

Domain Monitoring

Never forget to renew a domain. ipPatrol checks your domains expiry date (where published) and informs you when they will expire.

Email Reports

Receive Daily/Weekly and/or Monthly availability and performance reports direct to your inbox via email.

Online Reports

Consume or publish public reports showing historical availability over three years or by month, quarter or year.

XML Feed

Extract and process xml availability and statistucal data to create your own reports and statistical analysis to suit your needs.

Secure API

Secure API

Control your monitoring and alerting using our secure api. Automatically start and stop monitoring or change alerting as and when required remotely.

Multiple Locations

Choose monitoring servers and one failover monitoring server from the monitoring network. In the rare event one of our monitoring servers fail another one takes over automatically.


Use our graphical overview to keep an overview of all your services. The report shows all the performance statistics in a simple graphical format giving you an at a glance overview of the state of your services.

Monitoring Interval

You can choose from a 1,2, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute monitoring interval depending on your needs.


Email alerts automatically include a traceroute to your server or dns dig to help you diagnose and prove issues.

Two way SMS

You can request the current status of your monitoring services, stop or start monitoring, enable or disable alerts by simply sending an sms to our two way SMS service. You’ll get a response back in seconds.

Easy Payment

Pay online securely using ©Worldpay or send us an official purchase order to pay by bank transfer, direct debit or cheque.

Every aspect of our monitoring service is configured via an online control panel. Changes are applied instantly so there is no waiting around. If you are not sure how to do something just ask support they will be pleased to help advise you or configure it for you.