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OMEGA iTHX-w Temperature and Humidity SensorUsing ipPatrol® with an OMEGA® iTHX-W sensor allows you to monitor the environment where your servers operate and be alerted when either the temperature or humidity are outside the limits you have chosen without the need for any additional hardware or software.

Warranty and service contracts set limits for the operating temperature and humidty. If you operate your equipment outside these limits you may end up with a hefty repair bill as your warranty or service contract will be invalidated. As well as the additional repair bill you may end up losing data as disks corrupt and incur substantial down time rebuilding the server from backups and waiting for spare parts to arrive.

You can avoid all of this by installing a OMEGA® iTHX-W sensor and using ipPatrol® to monitor your server environment and alert you when there is a problem.

You can buy an OMEGA® iTHX-SD online for as little as £265+VAT. When it arrives simply configure it with an ip address, connect it to your network and add a monitor for the sensor via your control panel. If you buy an extra probe you can even monitor two seperate areas.

Alternatively buy an iTHX-M which has a built in LCD display but only supports one probe.

If you already have another make/model of sensor which has a network connection we may be able to support it. Please contact support with details.

If you connect your sensor directly to the mains rather than to your ups feed then you can also detect when your mains power fails.

Environment monitor features (temperature & humidity)

Generic Monitoring Features

We can be monitoring your services in a matter of minutes. Simply join our free trial, log into your instantly available control panel and setup your monitoring. Shortly afterwards you'll receive an automatic notification that monitoring has started. Still not sure? Contact support for more details.

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