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Worldwide Network

Website monitoring and server monitoring.

Features Overview

Control panel

Monitoring control panelYou are in control! Every aspect of our monitoring service is configured via an online control panel. Changes are applied instantly so there is no waiting around. If you are not sure how to do something just ask support they will be pleased to help advise you or configure it for you.

Monitors available

ipPatrol® can monitor the following services:-

If what you want to monitor something that is not listed above please contact support we may be able to help.

Multiple geographic locations

We have a global monitoring network spanning the UK, North America , Asia and Australia and mainland Europe. Each monitoring area consists of 5 monitoring servers housed in major data centres within that geographic area. EU customers typically use our mainland Europe monitoring network as that will provide the most accurate results but if your servers or customers are located outside mainland Europe you might want to use one of our other networks.

Choice of monitoring servers

Once you have decided which area to use you then choose 3 monitoring servers and one failover monitoring server. In the rare event one of our monitoring servers fail another one takes over automatically.

The three monitoring servers chosen visit your server at the same time at the configured interval to check everything is working. Only if all three report a failure do you get alerted so you won't get any false alerts.

Monitoring Interval

You can choose from a 1,2, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute monitoring interval depending on your needs.

Alerts and escalation

Example monitor down alertYou can tailor how and when you will be alerted to a problem. For instance you can specify to be alerted by email first and then by sms if your service remains down for a set period. You can configure multiple people to be alerted and when and how they are alerted with different details for different days and times.

Alerts include the local date and time, server name and type, the reason for the failure, any associated error number and error message.You can set up as many contacts as you like to receive alerts for each service you are monitoring.

Instant Messaging Alerts (Beta)

We can also send alerts via instant message straight to your desktop via Microsoft© (MSN), GoogleTalk©, Yahoo© and AOL© (AIM) Messenger.

Diagnostic trace information

Notifications automatically include a traceroute to your server providing proof if required to your ISP of network problems or dns dig of your domain from each of our monitoring servers helping you to diagnose dns problems. Uniquely we provide them from all our monitoring locations rather than just one.

2 Way SMS

You can request the current status of your monitoring services, stop or start monitoring, enable your phone for sms messages or disable your phone for sms messages by simply sending an sms to our 2 Way SMS service. You'll get a response back in seconds. The 2 way SMS facility is provided by our primary sms gateway aql.

Email reports

Example monitor reportReports are emailed showing the reliability of your server, graphs depict how your server performed over the period. You can choose to receive daily, weekly and/or monthly reports. You can also opt to receive the raw data as zipped attachments for storage or processing in a for example a spreadsheet. Every report we send details exactly how many visits we made during the period so you know we are delivering the service you are paying for.

Online reports

You can also access reports online via your control panel and see the current status of our monitoring network.

Public reports

You can link to our availability reports from your website so that your customers can see the quality of your services if you wish.

XML data

You can publish your availability and the current status of your services on your web site for a professional look using our XML interfaces.

Live monitor performance reportGraphical overview

Use our graphical overview report to keep an overview of all your services. The report shows all the performance statistics in a simple graphical format giving you an at a glance overview of the state of your services.


You can use our api to start and stop monitors automatically when for instance performing a backup and to change the number of a contact as part of an on call rota.

Easy payment

You can pay for all your services online via the control panel by debit or credit card using Worldpay. Alternatively send us a purchase order and we can invoice you, then simply make payment by cheque or bank transfer within 30 days. Invoices can be printed via your control panel at any time or we can post them to you.

What are you waiting for?

We can be monitoring your services in a matter of minutes. Simply join our free trial, log into your instantly available control panel and setup your monitoring. Shortly afterwards you'll receive an automatic notification that monitoring has started. If you have any questions during your free trial simple contact support.

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